Kuwait briefly detains Muslim cleric US suspects of militant financing

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Who is raising money off Mississippi Senate challenge?

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Chris McDaniel has shamelessly been sending out fundraising emails leading up to his challenge of the Republican primary for US Senate; however, hes not the only one getting in on the game.

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RedState sent out a sponsored fundraising email from Madison Project that declared, Chris McDaniel won in Mississippi. It then went on to say:

But the corrupt Republican Party of Mississippi is about to declare Senator Thad Cochran its official nominee anyway…

…unless you and I do something about it.

The problem is that its not exactly clear where...

Fredericksburg to revisit stadium financing

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ONLINE EXTRA: Focus on FOIA blog addresses concerns raised about council members meeting in private on baseball issues.


Efforts are underway to see if challenges in bringing minor league baseball to Fredericksburg can be resolved to keep the project on track for the 2016 season.

This week, Fredericksburg City Councilmen Matt Kelly and Brad Ellis have been working with city staff and in talks with the private partners seeking to build a stadium in the Celebrate Virginia South development.


Arab Bank goes on trial for allegedly financing Hamas sympathizers

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Frequently Asked Questions about EB-5 project financing for new hotel …

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Why is there so much buzz about EB-5 financing?

In the last five years, EB-5 financing has become extremely popular in development circles and is being widely used by mainstream, institutional players including government entities such as port authorities, major hotel brands like Marriott and Hilton, and some of the largest owners of hotels and restaurants. EB-5 financing has provided low-cost, non-recourse, five to six year term financing for construction and development of new projects and offers a number of advantages to developers.

What is EB-5?

EB-5 is a provision in the United States immigration laws. It is the fifth “Employment Based” immigration...

Maestros of dark money spending millions to play you

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The Arizona Free Enterprise Club wants voters to know What Wil Cardon is hiding from you.

It asks, Can we really trust Hugh Hallman?

And, What are Vernon Parker amp; Lucy Mason hiding?

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Thats rich, isnt it? The Arizona Free Enterprise Club has elevated hiding to an art form. This stealth group has thus far spent at least $1.4 million to influence your vote without telling you who it is that so desperately wants to see certain politicians installed into powerful state and legislative offices.

In all, dark-money groups had spent at least $3.7 million as of late...

Wearables startup ATHOS closes $12.2m financing

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August 14, 2014-

Wearable startup ATHOS announced it has closed $12.2 million in Series B financing, led by venture capital firm DCM,, which brings its total to $16 million since it launched in 2012.

The funding round also included additional investments from True Ventures, managing partner and chairman of the Golden State Warriors Joe Lacob, NBA All-Star Jermaine O’Neal and existing investor, The Social+Capital Partnership.

As part of the deal, DCM general partner Pete Moran and Lacob have joined the board of directors at ATHOS.

ATHOS said it will use the investment to fund the further commercialization of its line of fitness apparel products, as well as scale...

Another use for hashtags: to hide money transfers to sanctioned states

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PricewaterhouseCoopers, the consulting firm which assures investors and regulators alike that businesses books are on the up-and-up, will pay a $25-million fine and be barred from certain workwith Wall Street banks for two years after misleading regulators, the New York Times reports.

The firm was hired by a major Japanese bank, Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, to examine its procedures for transferring money and reassure regulatorsthatthey dont violate US economic sanctions on countries such asIran and Sudan. But the reportproduced by PwC and submitted to the government glossed overprocedures designed to hide how the bank was helping its clients avoid the rules, even instituting a policy of stripping...

Factbox: Potential losses in suspected China port metals financing fraud tops …

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n>(Reuters) – Global warehousing firm Pacorini became the latest firm to take legal action in connection with the suspected metals financing fraud at Chinas Qingdao Port, signaling losses could amount to more than $930 million at the worlds seventh busiest port.

Chinese authorities in May launched an investigation into whether a private metals trading firm, Decheng Mining, and its related companies used fake warehouse receipts at Qingdao Port to obtain multiple loans secured against a single cargo of metal.

The exposure of foreign banks and various trading firms, including CITIC Resources Holdings Ltd and Mercuria Energy Trading SA, could amount to more than $930 million,...

Special financing available to Bakersfield property owners for clean energy …

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) – The City Council voted Wednesday to approve an energy efficiency program for property owners.

Bakersfield commercial and residential property owners can now apply for special financing through the HERO Property Assessed Clean Energy program.

The program allows property owners to make environmentally friendly upgrades, such as solar panels or high-efficiency toilets. The work must be done by a contractor registered with the HERO program.

Repayment of HERO financing is included in a persons property tax bill. A person will see a line item titled HERO financing on their property tax bill.

HERO loans can be for five to 20 years.