Gov. Nixon investigating where lottery money is going as sales hit all-time high

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. Lottery sales in Missouri are at an all-time high, but the profits going to education are not. This has prompted Governor Jay Nixon to look into where all the money is going.

Amendment 11, passed in 1992, directed all profits from lottery sales to go towards education. The amount taken in by the Missouri Lottery has continued to increase while profits have not. The idea of creating extra money for the schools has not turned out that way.

The lottery has not been a windfall for Missouri schools, what it has been is a direct revenue stream for the state of Missouri to fund educational programs that have already been in existence,” Paul Harrell, Chief Financial...

Saving Money On Back-To-School Shopping

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DENVER (CBS4) Some Colorado school districts will start up again at the beginning of August. That means that parents are working on filling those long school supply lists, which can add up to as much as a $100 per child.

Retail shopping blogger, Kyle James, is a father of three and recently did an post of his favorite money saving tips for back-to-school time.

LINK: 7 Genius (Yet Easy) Ways To Save On Back-To-School Shopping

On his website,, James suggests that shoppers never buy everything they need from one store.

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Pena, Perone each secure $27850 in campaign financing

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NORWALK — Democrats Warren A. Pena and Christopher R. Perone each have secured $27,850 in public financing for their respective campaigns for the state House of Representatives this fall.

The State Elections Enforcement Commission on Wednesday announced its ninth round of public grants under the Citizens Election Program.

To qualify for public campaign financing, candidates for state representative must raise $5,000 from at least 150 individuals residing in municipalities in their district.

Penas campaign, in a statement released Thursday, said over 150 Norwalk donors contributed to bring real change in leadership to the 140th District.

I am extremely excited...

These Two Social Networks Will Make You Money

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On Wednesday, Facebook reported massive earnings for the past three months, claiming it rakes in almost $1 billion every 30 days. But for all that generated, none of it ever touches the users pockets, something a handful of entrepreneurs are looking to change.

This month two new social networks launched publicly with the same goal: to put money in the pockets of the users with the best content. BothBonzo Me and Bubblewsoffer unique ways for their users to make a buck for the content they share.

Bonzo Me dishes back to users up to 80% of the advertising revenue on user generated posts, the Associated Press reports. The iOS, Android, and web app launched earlier this month and has a few thousands...

Loan completes financing for Bell Township waterline extension

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A $200,000 state loan will help fund a waterline extension serving about 40 homes in Bell Township.

The Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority, commonly known as PennVEST, awarded the money for the project to the Westmoreland County Municipal Authority. It was among $66.5 million in low-interest loans and $15 million in grants the state announced Tuesday.

The money will be combined with a $450,000 federally funded grant from Westmoreland County that was awarded about a year ago, said Bert Getto, assistant deputy director for the Westmoreland County Department of Planning and Development.

The project calls for installing about 2 miles of water distribution...

Tony Giarratana nets $91M in financing for SoBro tower

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Developer Tony Giarratana has wrapped up a $90.8 million financing package for his 33-story, 313-unit SoBro apartment tower, clearing the way for construction to start as soon as permits are obtained.

That amount includes a $58 million senior construction loan from BMO Harris Bank of Chicago. NorthStar Realty Finance of New York provided $17.8 million in mezzanine financing, joining Giarratana’s SoBro Development Co., Wanxiang America Real Estate Group and Magellan Development Group as equity partners in the project.

The addition of NorthStar as a partner triggered the transfer of the three-fourths of an acre where the project is planned at 205 Demonbreun St. to a new development...

Welcome to Phillip Middleton Use Car Sales in Grimsby

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Welcome to Phillip Middleton Use Car Sales in Grimsby

If you’re in the market for a quality used car or van then you’ve come to the right place. We have an extensive range of stock with something to suit all tastes, needs and budgets.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent and reliable vehicles and the best possible prices and our friendly and experienced sales teams are on hand to help you find the perfect car or van for you.

We offer low cost car finance deals to help you afford your dream car which low deposits required, cash back options and all of the paperwork done by us to save you the hassle. To further help you buy your new car we also...

86% of financial services employers offer salary sacrifice

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Its 2014 Employee rewards watch financial services research, which surveyed nearly 70 employers that represent 180,000 employees, found that 44% of respondents retain the national insurance contribution (NIC) savings in full, while 14% pay the saving into the benefit as a top up and 8% use the saving to reduce the cost of the benefit to employees.

Pension schemes

The research also found that 84% of respondents provide a pension scheme to staff. Nearly two-thirds (62%) provide a group personal pension, while 26% provide a group stakeholder pension.

More than half (54%) of respondents cited engaging employees as the biggest challenge around their pension scheme, while 33% cited...

Why do people insure pets before their family?

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Why do people insure pets before their family?


It may come as a surprise, but people are twice as likely to insure their pets than their family. Research from Friends Life has revealed that 21% of people hold a pet insurance policy while just 12% have critical illness cover, and an even smaller number (9%) hold income protection.

The figures are even more surprising given that family and health are the top concerns for the majority of respondents, and although 34% had life cover, it wouldnt help in situations where the individual was unable to work.

In fact, 19% of mortgage holders (according to figures from Scottish...

Don’t act like people appearing on the Jerry Springer show. Source: News Corp …

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After a mortgage, holidays, a new-car loan and more recently a wedding and honeymoon, weve ended up with a $450,000 mortgage and over $100k in unsecured debt.

We want to get ahead but where do we start? Should we sell our house and use the equity to start paying off the loans?


A I sometimes feel like Im the financial equivalent of Jerry Springer.

And if thats the case, heres my final thought: what youre proposing here is akin to liposuction.

You dont have a financial problem, you have a behavioural problem.

The best thing you could do as a young couple is to face up to your debts and spend the next five years or so digging your way out of the hole....

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