Barclays Golf 2015: Final Leaderboard Scores, Prize Money Payouts and More

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Entrepreneurship’s Benefits Are Great Even When the Money Isn’t

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There are manyreasonsto be an entrepreneur. Owning a business can be joyful or a pain in the you-know-what. Chances are youll experience both ends of the spectrum at times. Its not easy to grow a business, and in frustration, entrepreneurs decide to quit.

Entrepreneurship wasnt taught while we were growing up, so theres a lot youll only learn through experience. I started my first business at 19-years-old without any instruction or mentors. While the business quickly grew to $250,000. I didnt understand how to manage the business and racked up $180,000 in debt during the 12-year run of the business.

It wasnt a business I was passionate about, and I eventually walked away. My second...

Money tips for the ‘smart and single’

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CAPE TOWN – Your personal circumstances will always have a big impact on how you manage your finances. Where you live, how you spend your money and your investment goals are highly dependent on things like whether you are married or if you have children.

A lot of financial advice tends to be aimed at people with families, as they make up the majority of the population. But for anyone who is smart and single – unmarried, without children and living alone – there are unique considerations that should be taken into account.

This doesnt only refer to those who are young. Older people who are divorced or widowed or never married could also fit into this category.


Regulator seeks to enlist advisers in war on money laundering

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A proposed regulation that would enlist investment advisers in the battle to prevent terrorists, drug dealers and other criminals from laundering their money through the US financial system could be a costly proposition for advisers.On Tuesday, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, a unit of the Treasury Department, released a rule that would require investment advisers registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission to establish anti-money-laundering programs. They also would have to report suspicious activity to the government.This will be a fairly significant compliance

Angie Rebecchi returns to Erinsborough

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Aired Monday, Aug 31 2015 at 17:30 BST on Channel 5

The lunchtime screening on Channel 5 airs at 1.20pm today.

Sonya gets some bad news – because of a stuff-up with her credit card, Toadies income protection insurance premiums have not been paid and he will not be covered for time off work. Toadie starts working from his hospital bed and lets Imogen know that he can no longer guarantee her job.

Sonya and Toadie argue over him returning to work, but they are interrupted when they receive a surprise visitor – Toadies mother Angie, who has come to look after her boy. Angie soon makes her presence felt, throwing Sonya and intriguing Amy.

Which Presidential Candidate Is Winning the Tech Money Race?

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Silicon Valley has entered its political adolescence, said Dan Schnur, director of the Jesse Unruh Institute of Politics at the University of Southern California. For many years its people were fascinated by bright, shiny objects, and over the last several years they’ve begun to get more sophisticated in how they have engaged with candidates and office holders.

The biggest contributions are not to the campaign committees themselves but to the Super PACs affiliated with the candidates. The differences between them are pretty simple but important to understand because contributions to and spending by these Super PACs is expected to skyrocket with the 2016 election.


Judge lets HDL financing deal proceed and declines to unseal testimony

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A US Bankruptcy Court judge on Monday denied a request to put Richmond-based Health Diagnostic Laboratory Inc.’s debtor-in-possession financing on temporary hold while the company’s primary bank lender appeals the court’s earlier decision allowing the financing deal to proceed.

At a hearing, Judge Kevin R. Huennekens also denied a motion by the US Trustee’s office seeking to reverse an earlier ruling to seal testimony by three witnesses on the financing deal and the valuation of the company.

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Don’t break the bank: money saving tips

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Going to restaurants and ordering pizza after a long night out may seem like a good idea at the time, but your bank account will thank you if you kick this habit before it starts. Dorm food, meal plans, and apartment cooking may seem less appealing, but it’s something you’re going to have to get creative with and make work. You can make a lot of meals for a fraction of the price of takeout.

Check your bank account 

Sometimes, there isn’t as much money in there as you think. Actually, most of the time there is a LOT less money there than you think. Check your bank account often so you know your balance and avoid being surprised down the road.

Keep the change


Unclaimed assets: Are you missing money?

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Do you know where your money is? Even those consumers meticulous about their budgets could have missing cash lingering in a state property fund.

States are collectively holding on to $41.7 billion in unclaimed assets, including dormant bank accounts, stock splits, life insurance payouts, gift cards and uncashed payroll checks among other funds, according to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, a collective of state officials. In 2010, the association estimated, the value of property being held was $32.8 billion.

This is an area thats growing, said Joshua Joyce, administrator of unclaimed property at the Arizona Department of Revenue. He also serves as senior...

Abby: Daughter deep in debt needs counseling, not money

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Dear Abby: Three years ago, I gave my adult daughter, married with a child, more than $16,000 to help pay her debts because she couldn’t pay her bills. She and her husband keep separate accounts. He pays certain expenses; she pays others. Now I find she’s deep in debt again and needs more help.

I’m 69, married and retired. I’d like to help her, but I’m afraid if I take more money out of our savings, we may not have enough to cover an emergency or if either of us needs nursing home care.

I feel bad that I may not be able to help her. Do you see any solution to my problem?

Dennis in Virginia

Dear Dennis: You must stop enabling your adult...

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