Plan to attend 12th Annual Fox Cities Money Conference

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Do you want to save more money, retire soon or pay down debt? Do all of these things sound good? Many people want to make financial changes and take charge of their money.

If you are looking for practical tips to improve your financial situation, attend the 12th Annual Fox Cities Money Conference on Saturday, Nov. 8, at Fox Valley Technical College in Grand Chute. The conference offers more than 20 separate classes for adults to choose from, including topics such as “How to Read Your Credit Report and Fix Your Credit,” “How to have More Month than Money for a Change” and “Feed Your Family Healthy Food without Going Broke.”

Matt Kadlec from...

In money race, Fudge outpaces Gore in latest period

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Deb Fudge for the first time this year has outraised her rival James Gore in the race for 4th District Sonoma County supervisor.

Between Oct. 1 and 18, Fudge, a veteran Windsor Town councilwoman, has raised $25,797, compared to $15,495 taken in by Gore, the latest campaign finance statements show.

(For a regularly updated database of campaign contributions to candidates and independent groups in the 4th District race, click here.)

Overall, Gore has far outpaced Fudge in fundraising, taking in a total of $424,120 since he announced his candidacy late last year. Fudge has taken in a total of $320,422, according to county records.

Overall spending in the race, including...

Are you part of the ‘sandwich generation’?

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Are you part of the ‘sandwich generation’?

Income protection

An aging population, high house prices and the growing trend of having children later in life is causing more and more Brits to join the sandwich generation, where they find themselves supporting both younger family members and aging loved ones.

According to research by LV=, around one in three British adults are in the so-called stretched middle, giving financial support to either their offspring or their parents. However, a growing number of UK...

Unprecedented amount of ‘dark money’ fuels midterm races

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The group has spent $14 million, a spokesman said, making it one of the larger players nationwide in this years free-for-all of outside spending in the midterm election. All of the groups money has gone to ads that either praise McConnell or attack Democratic candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes as a liberal whos wrong for Kentucky — just like Obama.

The coalitions work is part of an unprecedented amount of midterm spending by so-called dark money groups, a class of nonprofits that do not coordinate with candidates and dont disclose their donors.

Such organizations are responsible for more than half of all spending by outside groups in the most competitive Senate...

New Income Protection Option Available for Part-Time Employees

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DES MOINES, Iowa–(BUSINESS WIRE)–More than 19.5 million employees are taking advantage of a steadily
growing work place trend — reducing work hours to achieve a work/life
balance. Many employers still wanted advisors to help provide
comprehensive benefits, regardless of hours worked. But flexible
arrangements with fewer hours worked can limit the types of benefits for
which employees can qualify. Until now.

Principal Financial Group® makes individual
disability income insurance available for part-time employees to
purchase– a change...

Benefits doubt: Picking the right employer plan

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One of the most overlooked insurance benefits tends to be income protection, or disability insurance. Most would agree that not having a regular paycheck would drastically change many families lifestyles.

However, the amount of time and emphasis most employees and employers spend on this benefit is lacking. Disability is a statistically more likely event than death during your working years.This fact seems to be forgotten during the annual benefits enrollment process.

Read MorePicked a place to retire? Not so fast!

Not only should you enroll for the maximum allowable coverage that your firm provides, but you should also supplement that coverage with an individually...

Go to This Site Right Now and Check If Someone Owes You Money

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For much of yesterday afternoon, Slate staffers were sending giddy emails to one another about this website from New York States Office of Unclaimed Funds. Just type in your name, and you can check whether the state is holding onto money that you were owed but that never reached your bank account. Maybe you overpaid Comcast one month and the refund got lost in the mail. Maybe one of your employers sent a paycheck to the wrong address, and you forgot to follow up. If so, the money is probably listed on New Yorks site, which you can use to collect it. Even if you dont find anything, just checking is funkind of like scratching off a lotto game that you found lying on the ground.

Farm Bill

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by Gina Kelly

Brownfield News

The Agricultural Act of 2014, also known as the 2014 Farm Bill was signed by President Obama on February 7, 2014. Since that time, producers have been scratching their heads about what it all means.

There are various sites developed with the intentions of making this very confusing bill much more clear to those whose livelihood can depend on making the right choice. Most of us end up being more confused than ever after reading the help on the sites.

When our country was founded, our Constitution was written on one page. The 2014 Farm Bill is 959 pages long, not counting the 186 pages of report language. All of these...

USDA to launch APH yield exclusion for 2015 spring crops; hard winter wheat …

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By Larry Dreiling

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack Oct. 21 announced the implementation of a new farm bill initiative that will provide relief to farmers affected by severe weather, including drought.

The Actual Production History Yield Exclusion, available nationwide for farmers of select crops starting next spring, allows eligible producers who have been hit with severe weather to receive a higher approved yield on their insurance policies through the federal crop insurance program.

Spring crops eligible for APH Yield Exclusion include corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, grain sorghum, rice, barley, canola, sunflowers, peanuts and popcorn. Nearly three-fourths of all acres...

Panhandlers have right to ask

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If you were on North Superior Street in downtown Toledo a few weeks ago, maybe you were approached by a young woman asking for $16 to buy epilepsy medicine.

Several feet from her was a man sitting on a chair at a table outside a restaurant. Talking rather loudly into a cell phone, he seemed to be trying to persuade someone on the phone that he had already called others for help, but they had none to give.

Was he sincerely trying to raise the money for the womans medicine, or were his remarks aimed at getting you to open up your wallet?

For someone in a public place to ask a stranger for money is hardly an unfamiliar scene. Americans are often approached and asked for money...

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