Mental health support in the workplace urged: study

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More than 50 per cent of people in the workplace are not supported by their managers to discuss the possibility of poor mental health, research from Friends Life has found.

In a survey among employees – many of whom do not have access to workplace income protection or critical illness cover – some 40 per cent said they have experienced stress, anxiety or depression and not told their employer.

According to Friends Life, more than 50 per cent of all workers believe being open about a common mental health problem would damage their career prospects.

Friends Life also examined the causes of stress in the workplace. The most common answer was excessive workload,...

Jersey City man fined $2M for blowing investors’ money at casinos, on football …

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A Jersey City man was slapped with a $2 million fine this week for defrauding investors and squandering their money at casinos, on football tickets and on other lavish personal expenses.

New Jersey Bureau of Securities handed Evan M. Kochav and his Red Bank-based business White Cedar Group LLC the costly fine on Thursday, according to authorities.

According to the Bureaus findings, Kochav misused investor funds by entertaining himself at casinos in Costa Rica, Florida, and New Jersey, on gambling websites, and in other ways, said Division of Consumer Affairs Acting Director Steve Lee.

Kochav even encouraged investors to liquidate their genuine investments, in order to pay more...

Retirement reform: What’s truth, what’s rumour?

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There has been a fair amount of hype in the press recently around ‘pension reform’ and the thorniest issue is the prospect of ‘compulsory retirement savings’. This includes the prospect of being forced to contribute to a government fund if your company does not have a fund of its own. With the way that the Road Accident Fund has been managed, this is the stuff of nightmares.

Rumour: It is important to state upfront that compulsory enrolment in a government retirement fund is merely ‘being discussed’ at this point and is not yet at a formalised stage, but once a decision has been made it could be implemented quickly – because the basic structures...

Sacramento City Council approves financing plan for K Street development

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One of the most blighted stretches of downtown Sacramento received a long-awaited boost on Tuesday night, when the City Council approved a complex financing plan for a major development in the 700 block of K Street.

The development team behind the project said it expects to begin construction on the $51 million housing, retail and entertainment project early next year. Work could be completed by late 2016, soon after the expected completion of a new sports arena for the Sacramento Kings just one block away.

“We’ve said from the beginning that what happens in the blocks around the arena is critical so we can extend that experience for people before events and for those...

All Aboard Florida’s New Financing Kept Suspiciously Secret, Attorney Says

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Few Floridians know All Aboard Florida (AAF) has found a super-secret alternative to financing most of its proposed $1.6 billion high-speed passenger rail service — and even fewer know how it will affect taxpayers within AAFs Miami-Orlando corridor, according to Washington, DC, attorney Stephen Ryan.

Ryan, representing Treasure Coast-based Citizens Against Rail Expansion in Florida, told reporters Friday AAF has had its new financing method since Aug. 20 but kept it under wraps until Oct. 7.

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Common Ground escalates opposition to public money for arena

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Common Ground, a well-organized coalition of religious and community groups and nonprofits, is ratcheting up its opposition to using public money for a new multipurpose arena in downtown Milwaukee.

And it has a new target: Wes Edens, one of the co-owners of the Milwaukee Bucks.

Edens Fortress Investment Group owns Nationstar Mortgage, a mortgage services company that Common Ground charges is responsible for at least 14 abandoned and deteriorating properties in Milwaukee, sometimes referred to as zombie houses.

Common Ground members are advocating loudly for public money to improve playgrounds and recreational spaces across Milwaukee County as a way to improve neighborhoods....

Growing number of families are forced to rent

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Growing number of families are forced to rent


While some people actively choose to rent their home, a growing number are being forced into it thanks to a lack of funds. Renting is no longer the realm of the student or young professional, either – the sector that was once dominated by the younger generation is now becoming a growing base for families, and the number of those renting in the private sector is increasing all the time.

According to research from Aviva, the number of families with dependent children living in rented accommodation in England has increased by 13% since...

With public financing’s demise, special-interest money pours into NC court races

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When the North Carolina legislature struck down the states popular judicial public financing program last year, it also raised the amount one can donate to judicial campaigns from $1,000 to $5,000. The move opened the floodgates for far more special-interest money to flow into state Supreme Court campaigns, whose main source of funding even while the public campaign fund was in effect was lobbyists and lawyers.

A recent Follow NC Money/Facing South analysis of public records finds that NC Supreme Court candidates have, on average, raised three times the amount of individual contributions so far this cycle than candidates in 2010 and 2012. Meanwhile, outside groups unaffiliated with...

China Focus: Internet financing booms in China amid challenges

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BEIJING, Oct. 15 (Xinhua) — Like many small business startups, bespectacled college grad Zhang Shilang had a solid idea but no money to follow through.

With plans to begin a door-to-door optometry service, the 25-year-old Beijinger did what most of the younger generation do to solve problems – he hit the internet.

Roughly 6 months after registering with online crowdfunding site Angelcrunch, Zhang has managed to find several investors for his business, raising more than 600,000 yuan (97,561 US dollars). He expects an additional 1 million yuan from five more investors in the near future.

Internet financing services such as crowdfunding and peer-to-peer (P2P)...

Obama Administration Cuts Expensive Deal With Brazil Over Cotton Subsidies

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This expensive arrangement continued for a decade, until the most recent Farm Bill, which President Obama signed into law in February. Among other myriad changes in this bill was a new shallow-loss revenue protection program, called the Stacked Income Protection Plan, which provides an even more lucrative subsidy for domestic cotton producers. Cotton farmers in Brazil again claimed that the subsidies in this program would distort global cotton markets even further than the direct payment subsidies for cotton they replaced. The WTO again sided with Brazil, and the US cut an even bigger check without making any changes to its program.

New Agreement, Twice The Cost

Under the terms...

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