Fed considers time to end free money pledge

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BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The US Federal Reserve would give the clearest signal next week that its easy money stance is ending if, as some expect, it drops its two-year long pledge to keep interest rates close to zero for a considerable time.

The Fed, which meets on Tuesday and Wednesday, first inserted that wording in its post-meeting statements in December 2012, promising then to maintain its highly accommodative monetary stance for a considerable time after its asset purchase program ends and the economic recovery strengthens.

Both have occurred.

The US unemployment rate slipped below 6.5 percent, a Fed mark of healthier recovery, in April and is now at a six-year...

Healthways Inc.: Australia’s Largest Life Insurer Partners with Healthways to …

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TAL Chooses Healthways to Deliver Well-Being Improvement Benefits, Bringing Unique Value to Life Insurance Customers

NASHVILLE, Tenn. amp; SYDNEY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dec. 16, 2014– TAL, Australias largest specialty life insurer, has partnered with global well-being improvement leader Healthways, Inc. (NASDAQ: HWAY), to offer well-being improvement solutions for up to three million members that TAL covers through its employer and pension-based partnerships. This expands the value TAL delivers by helping members live healthier, more productive lives. Healthways proven well-being strategies can also support TALs disability income protection insurance customers in their...

Industry calls for further protection awareness initiatives

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Protection insurance industry figures have called for further awareness initiatives next year on the back of the Seven Families campaigns initial success.

Set up to increase take-up of income protection, by providing a monthly income for seven families whose main breadwinner is unable to work due to illness or injury, the campaign reached its funding target in the summer and has been backed by most industry players.

Martin Reynolds, chief executive of Simplybiz Mortgages, told FTAdviser that for many years the protection industrys sales figures have stagnated, but this year has seen a pick up in policy numbers.

Weve worked very hard ourselves on getting information out to our members...

TAL enhances Accelerated Protection product and service

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Australias largest life insurer TAL has launched some key enhancements to its award winning financial protection retail product suite, Accelerated Protection.

The new version of Accelerated Protection not only contains various product improvements, but a number of newly enhanced service elements have been introduced.

TAL Life General Manager Retail Insurance Gavin Teichner said the changes were aimed at improving the adviser and customer experience.

TAL is committed to building on the existing strength and long-term sustainability of its product and service offering, he said.

The new features of Accelerated Protection coupled with the new service elements are all designed...

New lending rules not only problem

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Banks have introduced so many new conditions, would-be borrowers have to jump through hoops to get a mortgage. Maybe thats where we went wrong, but I dont think so. Its all about the sales pitch in the end, and banks have a lot to sell. They have so many delinquent loans on their books, even after restructuring those in arrears, its forcing them to be overcautious relative to how they were. If they got it so wrong before, why dont they accept a share of the losses and help distressed borrowers get back on track?

Banks are the biggest sellers of insurance and related products. Thats how it was before the recession. Its the same now. There was a time when it was hard to get out of a bank...

National Cotton Council to host farm bill webinars

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As a follow-up to its Stacked Income Protection Plan/Farm Bill workshops, the National Cotton Council is hosting four regional information webinars. Each session will include regional examples of insurance rates, county yields and information regarding farm programs.

Two webinars are scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 17 – one designed for the Southeast region from 9-11 am and one for the Mid-South region from 2-4 pm

The two webinars set for Thursday, Dec 18 are for the Southwest region from 9-11 am and for the Western region from noon-2 pm MST.

NCC President/CEO Mark Lange said cotton producers, other cotton industry members and agribusiness personnel unable to attend...

"BitDollar": The United States and the Digital Future of Money

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Bitcoin is not going away, and if anything it is growing into the mainstream at a consistent pace. Many American corporations, some of the largest corporations in the world, have spent 2014 endorsing Bitcoin, in spite of the drop in value. 2014 has seen nothing but price declines, but greater market acceptance in exchange. And it has even gotten the attention of the worlds largest and most influential government, the United States, to respond to it in earnest. Taxation, regulation, and condemnation have all had their moment in the sun from Americas governance. The US seems both confused and intrigued by Bitcoins unique abilities. What is the right way forward when it comes to Bitcoin?


IDF takes sledgehammer to Hamas’s ‘grandma’ terrorism financing scheme

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In a landmark ruling by the IDF West Bank Appeals Court that could substantially set back Hamass terrorism financing, a woman over 50 years old was given a fine far higher percentage-wise than any previous ruling. She was fined more than double what the lower IDF court had fined her for her financial involvement in terrorism.

Until now, the fines against those convicted for financing terrorism have been exponentially smaller than the amounts those convicted had transferred to Hamas, with one recent case having a fine equal to just over 10 percent of what Hamas received. (Hamas received around NIS 600,000, and the fine was only around NIS 70,000.) The ruling,...

Illness and incapacity = no income and loss of lifestyle

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[Special feature from John Bridge, Director of Sales and Marketing, Cirencester Friendly]

We happily buy Life Assurance, Buildings and Contents Cover its compulsory if you have a mortgage; Motor insurance its the law of the land and even Pet insurance simply because we love them!

However, few of the UK population have Income Protection Cover, the very thing that is designed to maintain our lifestyle and even at a basic level, the ability to continue to feed and clothe ourselves and our families.

As a result, a worryingly a large proportion of us have no provision for loss of income because of illness!

I am told that some people rely on their employer to stand...

How to: Manage mortgage stress

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Mortgage stress is one of those difficult situations that no one wants to face. For new buyers, and even experienced property owners, the thought of being in a scramble to afford your repayments understandably evokes a significant amount of fear.

If you are facing mortgage stress, the harbinger of a potential foreclosure, there are certain things you can do to manage the situation.

Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers’ executive director Joe Sirianni suggests that, clearly, the first thing to bear in mind is how to reduce the possibility of ending up experiencing mortgage stress in the first place.

Anecdotal experience leads Sirianni to believe that those in financial...

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